We, at GLOBAL, categorize the sine qua nons of corporate events into three: branding of the corporation, spreading the corporate culture, increasing the motivation and efficiency.

We are here to create added value to all of our clients’ branding moments in a wide range such as product launchings, roadshows, groundbreaking organizations, indoor or outdoor training and/or educational meetings, dealers meetings, motivational organizations and opening ceremonies/ galas.

Our goal is to carry the brands and our clients we work with outside the borders through the events we organize with an innovative eye.

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For us an event is an opportunity to create a new story.

To produce authentic solutions for projects we have developed for the strategic needs of our clients and to contribute to their branding is just the tip of the excitement we feel for our job.
We evaluate the project budget in qualitative characteristics not in a quantitive form and see how it is consistent with the communication targets. Because what is important for us is to put our signature on noteworthy and results oriented organizations which create added positive values and contribute to the branding of our clients.

We know that this journey is full of difficulties. So far, working with more than 50 local and global brands has taught us a lot. The most important of all is the realty that people makes the brands more valuable. It’s priceless to see their happiness and satisfaction on their faces at the end of our events.

What we do as the GLOBAL Family:

  • Corporate events
  • Educational or training meetings
  • Motivational meetings
  • Product launches
  • Celebration ceremonies
  • Social responsibility projects
  • Dealer meetings
  • Party organizations
  • Roadshows
  • Press Meetings
  • End of quarter, bi-quarter, year, season or period meetings
  • Regional meetings
  • Exhibition stand design, installation and relevant general services
  • Motivational trips
  • Organizations relating to government officers and dignitaries
  • Providing master of ceremonies


INCENTIVE/ Outgoing ve Incoming


One of the most efficient ways to tackle and move the energy of a corporation and to increase the synergy between the staff members is to apply motivational programs. To increase the efficiency of our clients and step up the communications among their staff members, we design custom projects specific to the corporate ID and dynamics.

Through guide lead and themed motivational trips at different parts around the world which are enriched with creative activities, we design appropriate environments for the individuals to most efficiently use their potentials to the most and for the staff members to increase the synergy among themselves.

We pay specific attention to actualize our projects together with our powerful business solution partners in several different countries and by carrying out pre-event on-site studies and planning and along with considerations for reflecting the regional dynamics.

What we do as the GLOBAL Family?

• Dealer meetings
• End of quarter, bi-quarter, year, season or period meetings
• Regional meetings
• Conventions and partial participations to conventions
• Incentive trips
• Sports games tours such as football tours
• Exhibition stand design, installation and relevant general services
• Trade delegation trips
• Motivational trips
• Cultural trips
• School trips
• Organizations relating to government officers and dignitaries
• Individual travel services (accommodations + transfers)

In order to host our foreign guests visiting Turkey in the best way possible, we create different themed organizational activities. We first pinpoint the appropriate communication areas to get the expected effects by our guests. Then, we actualize special concept activities specific to each region to be visited.

What we do as the GLOBAL Family?

• Accommodations
• Meetings
• Excursions
• Transportation
• Group activities
• Food & beverage services
• Guiding



Branding is on top of the indispensibles list for today’s corporations. To be able to stand out among thousands is yet another qualification. In this respect, we consider all organizational activities carried out for and by the corporations as long term self-investments. As the GLOBAL team we are once again our clients’ solution partner in branding processes, too.

We aim in all of our projects to design sustainable communication concepts to serve the needs of the brands we work with and to further bring these designed concepts into life through creative and efficient applications.

What we do as the GLOBAL Family?

  • Social and art related activities
  • Custom designed parties
  • I.P. events
  • Gifts, surprises or similar services custom designed for each individual participant or the general public at the event
  • Show design, installation and applications
  • Cultural activities
  • Stage activities
  • Manufacturing plant, shopping mall opening ceremonies and other related activities
  • Groundbreaking organizations
  • Roadshows