Global, which always puts its customers in its focus and creates impressive and unforgettable stories in which they will be the leading roles, continues its 24-year journey by being colored with every field in which it is an expert. Putting “creativity” and “sustainability” at the center of the business, it carries out 360-degree event projects with all its stages from A to Z.



With over 24 years of knowledge and expertise, we design creative and unforgettable events and bring them to life at all stages.

Global for All, Continues to color your stories

Global Tourism, which has been one of the leading companies in the event sector, which has signed prominent corporate events, national and international medical congresses for 24 years, and continues to create value in the new normal; With its visionary approach, interest in innovative thinking, interest in technology, solution-oriented leadership, successful communication and relationship management, it is one of the leading brands that shape the sector. In this direction, Global Turizm has merged its company name under the umbrella of “Global for All” and adopts a more focused management and experience sharing approach in every field it is a professional.

Our Vision

To be the most reliable, surprising, exciting, quality, sustainable and leading service brand with its creative touches and distinctive solutions.
Our Mission
We aim to offer the most creative, highest quality and innovative customer experiences in the event world by differentiating our content and services.

Our Values

Customer Focus, Operational Excellence, Innovation – Innovative Approach, Creativity, Ethical Values, Solidarity, Empathy…

Creative Activities

We love accompanying your stories. For us, every event is an opportunity to create a brand new story. To produce original solutions with the projects we have developed in line with your strategic needs…


Congress Services

Congress management is our area of ​​expertise, which we have experienced for 24 years, determined the rules, planned every detail meticulously, and signed off on big projects. Our biggest motivation is to serve humanity, health, nature and the world.


Digital Solutions

The definitions and rules of our work have changed. We are with you in the digital world with our vision that adapts to the new world and sees technology not as a threat but as power…


Creative Approaches

We create out of line communication projects beyond borders with creative touches. Priorities have changed. Your project stays in mind with its slogan, logo and concept. Space-independent ideas, surprising experiences…

News from Global for All

Acting with its creative touches and solutions that make a difference, Global Tourism handles an organization with all its stages, from finding the core idea to its implementation.