The power of Team Spirit:


We are among those who believe that the road to success is paved through “sharing” and “togetherness”. On this road, as a team, we have collected stories and memories in abundance.

As you stroll through the following, many more may have been added already.

  • Ayşen Tümbay Çetindağ, Founder and President of the Board of Directors

    GLOBAL, is a place where those who have dreams are happy to be working together.
    A famous Chinese philosopher, Laozi once said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. When we started our journey in 2000, it was beyond our dreams that we would experience this together with a grand family.

    Years have passed, but our road stays the same. We have always wondered what is outside the borders. No matter how far we go, our motivation for exploration and success is the same as day one.
    This neverending adventure has taught us that once we are a family with members clinched on to each other it does not matter which road is to be followed or reached at.
    What matters is what you have learned through the journey and the positive value it brings in to your environment.

    Global is a place where those who have dreams are happy to be working together… We start each day as a family feeling the excitement of searching for the answer to the question of how we can together go beyond the borders so that we can offer to our clients what is beyond and above their imagination and thus, adding value to our industry. The happiness in seeing the synergy that we have as the GLOBAL family, the metamorphosis power of producing together and the light of positive energy twinkling in the eyes of all family members is priceless.

    Curiosity is the greatest motivation for the mankind. If you have a story to tell and the curiosity to explore, you will always wonder what is beyond the borders. Since the founding day of GLOBAL we pay attention to following this philosophy. To this day we have created and executed numerous events in several different countries and we continue to do so. Borders, for us, are not only physical. We are here to routinely break the routine with the solutions we create and the way we work.

    Change is inescapable. We live in an era where the definition of event is changing dimentions as days go by. And the only way to keep up with this era is to start taking actions and to create new limitless roads. This is one of the powers which feeds us as the GLOBAL family. For us, borders exist only to be surpassed. With this in mind we all together continue with our journey.

  • Ceylan Güzekin Yatı, CEO

    If you are happy with what you are doing in your workplace, you will not only be happy yourself but also make everyone from team members to business solution partners and clients happy and reach success all together.
    We cannot reach success by flying single-winged. We can only reach success if we clinch to each other and fly with a pair of wings. And the first step to success is believing. As long as we believe first in ourselves and then in our team members, we can reach our goals. Reaching our goals, in return, prepares us for the next challenging task.

    Well, does success bring in happiness? I believe the opposite is more accurate. As long as we are happy and we take joy in what we do, we reach success much easier. This is not the kind of happiness that can be reached alone. This is the evergrowing happiness of producing together and learning from each other and sharing as we work as a team. It is priceless to be a member of this family and create the efficient environment in order to enable each member of the team to explore and add on to his/ her skills.

    The event industry, by nature, calls for a firm work discipline and a flawless team work. Good teams require good leadership. As other skills, leadership, too, can be improved. As in everything else, by hard work and strong belief, we can surpass our own limits. As the GLOBAL family, we believe that one of our main responsibilities is to procreate leaders who will bring in input and value to the industry’s development.

    We genuinely care for the transmission of the knowledge and know-how accumulated over our 16 years in the industry and through relations with business solution partners on to the family members. We also support from the heart the individual existence of the growing number of family members in creating their own success stories. The same holds true for our business relationships with our business solution partners, too. We consider their success as our very own. Their happiness is ours. To achieve this all, we are ready, at all times, to eliminate the borders.

  • Ayşegül Toksun, Assistant General Manager

    Affinity brings success!
    The office is far beyond just a place where you spend 8 hours or 18 hours a day. At least, for me. In an environment where you spend most of your time, I believe that the feeling of belonging and affinity and the love for what one is doing are important factors. Along with this, as long as you believe in the people you work with and the firm you are in, it is impossible to be unseccesfull! This, in return, creates further confidence in yourself and in the brand value of the company you are working for.

    In line with my job description, I design, manage and execute the organization of national and international conventions, conferences, symposiums and educational meetings for medical associations. In several occasions, I had the opportunity to experience first hand that we can go beyond the ordinary through joint work and good organizational scheme. That is why I have complete confidence in the GLOBAL family. Because here I am discovering my full potentials for success. As we keep on seeking the distinct but not only the better my confidence and faith in this family will remain untouched.

  • Seyfettin Şentürk, Congress Department Strategy Manager

    Dynamic, lively, always decisive!
    I have been part of the GLOBAL family since 2007. In restrospect, I see very efficient and full joruney with learnings. There is no place for monotonousness in our job. You have to be dynamic, zealous, lively and impulsive at all times. And for continuity, you have to try the untried, do the undone and be persistent on this. All of these give you the strenght to overcome the difficulties one encounters on the road.

    It is quite difficult to be successful in full if you do not keep up with an environment which is nonstop active. At the same time, you have to combine your wits with your hard work. On the other hand, I am one of those who believe that each and every obstacle can be overcome through love and labour. GLOBAL has strenghtened this belief of mine even more. Through GLOBAL I have learned that in business life, too, families can exist. I can not tell enough how valuable they are for me.

  • Nagihan Tunalı, Congress Project Manager

    So much more than “just a job”
    If you have a job dealing with people as the core of the business, it is not possible to carry on with it without loving what you do. Meeting with new people, discovering new venues and the busy-busy beat are among the reasons for why I love my job. To see the happiness and satisfaction on the faces of the association managers and members, the professors and the other participants for whom we manage the conventions is worth going through and overcoming all the adversities. Although I am a newcomer in the GLOBAL family, I am already so very happy to be part of it.

    It makes one to feel lucky to be here during a time which is being processed around “This year will be our year, success and good luck will be with us and to be contributing even on a very small scale and to be benefiting from it.

    It is possible for us to go beyond the borders and create even more successful projects through the synergy we have. As long as we go one step further in our own imagination, our own creative team and the existing knowledge and know-how and by thinking outside the box while seeking alternate solutions to questions and problems, not only this year but many future years, too, will be “incredible, I believe this with all my heart.

  • Tuğçe Giray, Marketing & Business Development Manager

    Global Turizm, geleneksel bir organizasyon firması olmanın çok üzerinde bir vizyonla hareket eden, kurumsallaşarak büyüyen, teknoloji ve inovasyon ile çağı yakalayan bir bilinçle hareket eden, profesyonel bir yönetimle farklılığını ortaya koyan, yaratıcı, gelişime açık bir dinamiğe sahip bir marka olması itibariyle, bünyesinde çalışmaktan gurur duyduğum bir yapı içeriyor.

    Global Turizm, “Sevdiğiniz işi yaparsanız, bir gün bile çalışmazsınız” diyen Konfüçyus’un gülümseyerek izleyeceği pozitif, enerji yüklü, hayal eden, yaratan, düşünen, yaptığı işi seven, başarıdan başarıya koşmayı amaçlamış, dinamik, tecrübeli ve genç bir kadroyu bir araya getirmiş olmanın yarattığı sinerjiyi, imza attığı her organizasyonda derinden hissettiriyor.

    Teknolojinin olmazsa olmaz olduğu gerçeğinden hareketle, sektörün ihtiyaçlarını saptıyor, sistemler inşa ediyor, etkinlikleri 360 derece izleyebilme yetisi ve kurumsal hafızası ile sürekli gelişiyor, donanıyor, ilklere imza atmaya devam ediyor, uluslararası yetkinlik belgeleri ile dünya standartlarında bir marka olmayı hedefliyor. Bu süreçte bu muazzam topluluğa dokunabilmiş olmak, Global Smart akıllı sistemimiz vasıtasıyla değişimlerine tanıklık etmiş olmak büyüleyici bir tecrübe.

    Ve daha yapacak çok işimiz var, gülümsetecek çok yüz, alkışlanacak çok başarı, kutlanacak çok zafer.. Çünkü biz #Globalİz