Patterns, standards, borders….
We have started our journey to redefine these three words.
Because as the GLOBAL Family we are always seeking the better and the more creative.
In all the organizations we handle, we take action as a team without ready-made patterns to follow while developing creative applications through innovative ideas.

We continuously invest in labor and knowledge to result in memorable, talk of the town and gratifying organizational activities. Most importantly, we invest in people. Because our job is about team work. It is about synergy. Therefore, we cooperate with our clients; we do not work for them, but rather we produce with them.

To utilize the dynamics of the creative aspects at all phases of the process is the sine qua non of our job. As we progress step by step in the project together with our Creative Department, we embrace all events we handle through story creation process. For us, the corporate event is about telling the wholesome story of the corporation starting from the planning stage until the event closes.

Because a good story finds an audience at any time.



We consider event management as a whole with its planning, coordination and strategy phases besides all the requirements for creativity.

We, as the GLOBAL Family, handle all the projects with a wholesome approach and actualize all the following stages with ample meticulousness.

Concept Design

Once we gather the “wants and needs” lists from our client the GLOBAL Creative Department custom-designs a creative concept to concur with the main requirement of the project.

Planning and Organization

The GLOBAL M.I.C.E. and P.C.O. Departments prepare the project based on the custom designed concept of the Creative Department and plan every step from A to Z by igniting a turn-key wholesome process.

Content Creation, Design and Production Services

Besides event management, we provide services for content creation, design and production for our clients.


Content Creation

Corporate communication projects, content creation for concepts, mottos, scenarios, presentations, speech texts and flow chart management are among some other content creation services of GLOBAL.

Film and Video Production

We support and enhance the projects visually with the production of motivational videos, viral films, event videos, concept videos and films.


As GLOBAL, we design logos, concept and key visuals as well as 3D stages. Thus, we create an event ID complementing and reflecting the project in its entirety.

Special Projects

Independent from any event or convention organization we design special custom projects for our clients.